Addiction & Final Exam

once again..I’m apologizing because i’m trully cannot and don’t have the time to update for the time being

It’s my final..once again..just bare of my tight schedule exam are about 3 weeks..soo long..and soo sorry..

btw..I’m not addicted to SNSD new song hoot..but i’m still gonna put the link..ehehe

what addiction im talking about btw??ehehehe

my BEAST!!!

I don’t know why I am addicted to Soom or Breath!!!

btw check this out!!They all are totally a dorky group!!

I’m addicted to the song!the album!the Performance!aarrgghh..everything about them!!

I find beast members are really2 funny and dorky..they are too playful..and I think they need a lot more of attention rather than some of the group!

Yooseob are totally make a cute comeback!I love him even more now..since his cuteness are multiple evrytime they have a comeback!but I don’t like the skinny Yooseob..I love the chubby Yooseob..don’t u guys think he’s getting skinnier along with the improvement of his voice??hmm..give me back my cute chubby yooseob!!=(

btw my first bias got to be Hyun Seung but after watching the MV and the Soom Performance suddenly my heart beating fast for KiKwang!My AJ!ehehehe..he look fierce on stage but cute and dorky off reality!!=)..I can’t believe kikwang are the same age as me..cuz he’s totally looks like he’s 15!..back to hyun seung my bias!huhuhu..I think he’s trying to build his body but that body are too thin to have taecyeon kind of body…but don’t worry..u are my 1st bias..and kikwang still at 2nd place..uhuhuhuhu..

Junhyung and doo joon!well..hmm..what i’m suppose to say bout them??..ahahaha..of course I love them too!Doo joon..i’m sorry..but I don’t find u that hot lol!ahaha..kidding!..btw junhyung are hooter than u!wee..

dongwoon..the one that doesn’t even look like the magnae even in thousand years!!ahahaha..he’s tall and dorky..thats what I like the most bout him..and smilling while singing to soom??ahaha..u just can’t hide yr laugh yeah..ahaha..dorky little boy

btw that’s all

and I don’t why i’m writing this post??I’ve got final paper tomorrow..and not just tomorrow..there is like within in this 2 weeks!!i’m must be crazy of beast!ahahahaha


~ by Qea Heart Kpop on October 26, 2010.

2 Responses to “Addiction & Final Exam”

  1. welcome back sis,,
    still remember me…?

  2. fatin>hhmm..not sure but glad I have a fan here!ahahaha..just kidding!=)

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