B2ST Beautiful MV & Pic Teaser +++A Peek On Hyunseung Dress Up In Girl School Uniform??=)

credit to>>B2STofficial@youtube

that’s the teaser for the MV

and let’s look a peek on their MV filming!

trust me..it’s not a normal body for a girl..that is totally hyunseung in girl school uniform!!!ahahahaha…kiyo¬¬..MY BIAS!!

and that’s why I don’t see hyunseung on the MV teaser..at the school scene..I’m only see kikwang,yoseob,dongwoon and junhyung only(I think)..LOL!

can’t wait for the full MV!!!

and a big goodies for all the b2uties!!(^_^)..al pic credit back to DongwoonBiased

the pic suppose to be a .gif format pic..but I don’t know why the pic is not moving when it’s on the main page..hmm..(-_-)..btw if u wanna see it’s moving just save it OK??ahh..do proper credit too if u post it any of your site..Tank u!

~ by Qea Heart Kpop on November 13, 2010.

6 Responses to “B2ST Beautiful MV & Pic Teaser +++A Peek On Hyunseung Dress Up In Girl School Uniform??=)”

  1. OH MY GOD(copying hyunseung in b2st almighty)..! if you really look closely the nose is similar to hyunseung’s.. it’s time to release the MV!!!

  2. nnyl_yram25>>yeah!the nose are totally similiar to hyunseung nose aight??!!ahahahahahaha…Love him more!!!=)

  3. damn your site is awesome! 🙂

  4. yeah! its hyunseung for sure! woah! the person who know this for sure like us must be a great b2uty for knows the members even though looking at the side of his face^^

  5. excuse me, those edits belong to http://lackadaisily.tumblr.com/ not dongwoonbiased

  6. The credits should be to Lackadaisily@tumblr instead of DongwoonBiased.

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