Qea Profile

Whhooppss hye there every1 for stopping by at my blogs pages..

I may sound chessy..but I hav A crush on Lee Jinki and Beast members lol!!

That is what my blog’s r about soo..let me intorduce a little bit bout myself..

  • Name : You can call me anything..kekeke.but basically it’s Qea.but my real name is Aqeela lol!

  • Lives : Malaysia.Kuala Lumpur.Taman Melawati(tell me if u know me.kuikui)

  • Study : Technology Mara University taking Diploma in Environmental Health.Part 3/2nd year[2009/2011]

  • D.O.B : 09031990

Bout me..anything..that u’ll maybe interest to huhuhu..!!!

  • First Kpop artist that I really do like n know  r Super Junior..first saw them in MTV Asia Award..performing Goul n Don’t don…attract to Yesung for the first time saw him!!aahh..n i’m still loving him now..!!! but since SHINee is out..I love Onew more than any other kpop artist..(actually i’m starting to loving Hyunseung and Junhyung in BEAST more..owh..na napppeun Yeoja!!) my chart for the Boy Group:

    • SHINee(still on top:bcoz of onew.kuikui)
    • BEAST!!(well I love all of them but hyunseung & junhyun r totally my bias!!!seunghyun couple!)
    • Teen Top(muahahaha..I don’t know why..I love the group soo much..accept their group names)
    • 2PM (I’m starting to not like them..a bit boring??jk)
    • Super Junior ( Yesung.yesung.yesung.and Heenim!)
  • First female Kpop group that I like is Wonder Girls..dduuhh..I think every1 too..then I started to like KARA more..don’t know why..I love Nicole the most!! n suddenly I started to accept SNSD popularity..u know I said b4 that I don’t like their song.but currently this is my chart:

    • Kara (Seungyeon!my fav & my Bias!)
    • 2NE1 ( cute BOM.young looking dara)
    • After School (DIVA never stop growing on me)
    • 4 Minute (lol..I love their song..but they don’t attract much attention)
    • SNSD?(no..i’m lying..I like the song but not the whole group totally..so my choice just for their song)
  • My interest r keep changing…today I like pop..n tomorrow I will like rock n nobody’s know what might come to my interest in music by the nex days..maybe classic..kuikuikui..

  • I love blogging.replying to my comment.spend time downloading K-Video.active in K-Pop forums.
  • actually this blog I made for Onew..but u know..I love  kpop..don’t u guys realize my blog r getting less of jinki??hmm..

  • Since I’ve been around the kpop world long enough(kekekeke) so I have a good judgement to their song..muahahaha..ok..my review for the song is really my own opinion..doesn’t related to other site at all..I’m getting less on SHINee and more with BEAST(i’ve been compiling all BEAST vid and performance and their reality shows!!huhuhuhu..addicted!)..and after a while listen to kpop right now I can judge which one is the best..the hardest to achieve their idol popularity..I’ve got to salute to BEAST and KARA(it’s not my bias)i’m speaking the truth..u should see how hard for both group trying to getting attention in kpop world since kpop right now are always with that****group..Kpop is bias if u asking me..u should give a bit spotlight to some who work hard both singing and variety skills..it just..people are underrated them..I wish BEAST can get a lot of attention after this..they are way better than 2PM practically just compare from the beasty idols group
  • I think of changing the blogs name from QeaHeartOndubu to QeaHeartKpop…but suddenly I realize I still have crush for onew..anyways ondubu sound nice too huhuhu..maybe when onew or SHINee r totally dissapear then I will change the blogs name..but I wish they don’t dissapear..kekeke.silly me!

  • Do reminds me if Im not credit to the right owner..sumtimes i’m totally forgot..
  • I have 5 siblings n i’m the youngest,the cutest n really2 good kids ahahaha!!

  • I love math subject the most n physic but I always tends to do careless mistakes in test..yeah overexcited!!
  • I have a lovely parents,a pain in the ass sibling n a very crazy frens..hahaha..n I love them to very top!!

  • I’m really talkactive person.soo ignore me if i am writing too much crap stuff.playful.easy to fall my tears.laugh hard.sometimes I will be moody n sometimes my craziness are just too much.I’m a pisces so what to expect??kekeke

Actually not my first intention to make my blog’s as onew lovers..but currently i’m addicted to his sangtae..n I’ve notice they hav a lot of fans in the asia also in US so..my blogs r much bout him..I don’t know if I have a lot of time to post much bout onew anymore cuz i’m quite busy after getting to University.

I will try to upload n put an easiest link for you people to download song from SHINee.I love other korean group also so I will probably put other singer link also..not to worry!(*8^)

I love sharing anything with others..n i’m really love to make new frens with people..

wanna be frens??lorgh..tell me then..

hehehe..I think that’s it..

owh.almost forget.I promise to post my FaceBook account:

Facebook: Aqeela Majudin / Qea

YM : pillowgirl_90



77 Responses to “Qea Profile”

  1. lol!! ure malaysian???
    same here!!!
    let’s link each other then!
    btw thanks for baek ji yong’s dl link
    it took me moths to find it, idk why is it so hard!

  2. hye ageela,im kamaruddin from malaysia too.so thanks for ft island song bad women..love this song very much.im 23 years old this year,dah tua pun..keep it up ..u have a great blog. 🙂

  3. hi aqeela!!!(^^)
    thanks for the lyric n translations of Missing U by ft island…really love it!
    hope we can be fren:)

  4. hi..u’re malaysian??
    me too..
    i’m uitm student too but in main campus that is shah alam. i’m 18 this year 2009..

  5. hi qea..
    thnx 4 d suju dl..
    really appreciate it..ure d best n ur blog sooo coool..
    im oso uitm student bt in kl maa..im19..
    hope we cn b frenz..

  6. lol..lol..yana..ure uitm student too??rockzz!!hahaha..
    aweng too??..hehehe..
    but yana..i’m your noona lol!!since i’m older by a year..
    n aweng..of course..u can be my fren lol!!
    I love making frens..haha..whats your email btw??

  7. not noona..but onnie yahh~
    yeah! im glad 2 hear dat..
    mine qashewengz@yahoo.com..

  8. whhoopp..i’m unnie lol!! I almost forget..since yana is a girl…hahaha..not noona!!Thankz aweng for correcting my mistakes!!hehe..
    anyway i will add u to my YM Ok!!

  9. hy qea i’m putri from indonesian ,,

    thanks ,, your blog is help me to find the songs of dbsk , shinee, n suju ,,

    i hope your blog will be success ,,

  10. OWWHH..thank you putri!!

  11. qea..
    i hve request..cn u find 2pm-time 4 change album…
    do u know where 2 dl it??

  12. haha..mianhae qea…i hve found it..
    juz 4get what i said..

  13. lol..aweng..I don’t even hav time to reply your comment..
    anyway..glad u found it!!n btw..where do u found the 2pm download album lol??

  14. wah^^
    you malaysian^^
    so lucky to meet you.. hehehe..
    i’m 19 too and study at uitm perak…
    nice to know you^^

  15. lol wan..u must be majoring in arts right??since u in perak..
    lol nice to meet u too!!

  16. hey qea ! yeah we’re neighbouring. if you malaysian, you can understand my blog right ? since melayu and indonesian is so similar. hohoho~ btw, i love onew so much. love him ! he is the one kpop artist that i love. sorry for my bad english

  17. don’t worry ajenk..I love watching indonesian drama…so I am fully understand indonesian lang. n if I don’t understand I will probably ask u..can right??haha..

    no la..your eng r not soo bad..I think mine is more worst..haha..at least we can improve that right??

  18. qea,thnx 4 d snsd link..
    sowi..i got net trouble..hoho..
    so,nk msuk u da kn?hope u do ur best k diz part 3..
    how’s ur result..i bet its good rite?
    k qea..anything juz mail me!!
    saranghaeyo..ur blog is so luv…

  19. wow!!! this is so great blog. i am so amazed!!!! really great and impressed.
    thanks for your effort on this site…incredible.

  20. qea, glad to know u…
    u give many info about my fav kpop band, suju
    i love them so much.
    u know what, t thought dat u r korean but malaysian.
    me too…
    surprisingly,i am also from fsk stdnt in pnck alam…haha
    live in pnck alam is totally different from alamanda right???

  21. lol..aweng..yeah..now i’m studying..n i’ll probably not gonna updated this blogs soon..
    cuz UiTM r just really expert in blocking site..haha..
    no downloading song..
    until I get my butt home..then I can updated this blog again..
    I know that 2NE1 n Ft. island make their comeback album..
    ahh..I miss it..
    btw aweng..time kasih sbb slalu follow blog ni..my fav readers!!haha..
    tp sy bkn part 3..bru jer part 1..sbb sem lps amik pra dip..
    result??ok la..x de la gempak sgt pon..haha

  22. lol…shass..we’re in the same campus??haha
    do u know which one I am??haha..I bet u dont know
    I’m not from alamanda lorgh..
    I’m diploma part 1 environmental health students..just getting started to study in diploma level..n yeah..late by 1 year
    but p.alam mcm pdg jarak pdg terkukur!!!haha..nk kuar ssh kn??
    btw..u r from what course??I bet u’re part 3 students right??
    glad I found sumone in the same campus!!

  23. Hye everyone n especially blog’s owner, qea..
    It was a bliss i found ur blog.
    I’m a new fan of KPop music n haven’t found any friends with the same interest. I think maybe i’m a lot older than u guys, which is harder for me to find any friends around me who likes KPop too.. Neway, keep up ur good work.
    p/s- 1. we started liking the same band – suju.. n then other idols jus grew on me.. >_<
    2. hope we can be friends.. ym:blu_ice23

  24. o..really, i thought dat u r pt 3 stdnt…
    but i am sunbae here rite? hehe..just joking!!!
    yap, i’m pt 3 stdnt in diploma physiotherapy
    hope can be ur fren although i don’t know u…

  25. ooooooooh really ur malaysian:D…WAHHHHH~i guess theres alot of malaysias in love wit shinee n i’m one of them hehehe…ur nineteen soooooo lucky one year younger then ONEW SUNBAENIM~heehee well i’m turnin 13 oooh so badluck sooooooo have a AGE GAP between shinee..huhu~ohh!i’m in LURVE wit ondubu hehehe…actually minho is my fav but shinee is too good n i just get atractted to all of them~i’m still young but who cares KPOP ROX!haha~n thx a lot 4r all the dowloads~hope we can be frnds ~hee hee….:D

  26. lol shass ure physiotherapy students??haha..I have frens that take that course too!!
    of course we can be fren!!haha..
    i hope I will bump to u soon at the campus..just call my name!!haha..no la joking jer…

  27. qea..omg!!u know wat,i’ve lost u 4 a while cz my lappy kne format bru..
    gosh..trus lupe kt my fav blog nih..then,rse nk nanges cz bla nk cr lgu kpop bru trus nk minx tlg kt sape..uhuks..1day de chingu search her fav songs and i have seen diz blog b4 n i found u!! syukur gler..i thought i’ve lost 1 of my best blogger..haha..
    n qea bru part 1 eh..xpe..all da best yah!!i’ve changed my ym:muggleqashewista@yahoo.com..plz add me k! saranghaeyo~

  28. ok aweng..nnti I add u k??
    anyway..I also curious bout u..where u gone..haha
    glad I have one of the reader n frens like u!!

  29. haha…
    i stay at R6,
    maybe i can call you from here…huhu!!!
    yup, 1 day..perhaps we will meet

  30. u know what,cause intnt here is so slow,
    utube pun xble bkk…
    can’t wait to watch suju 2nd supershow…huhu!!!
    sabar jela…
    ur onew is so cute lor…
    just know him from ur blog…hehe

  31. wow shass..jauh nyee!!haha
    I stay at R1 lol!!
    anyway they r some trick to open the utube..mayb I could teach u one day..
    I download je cite2 kat utube,klu tgk online lmbb la..
    lol..u know onew from my blog??
    woow awesome..spread the ondubu love!!

  32. ooo…R1,
    new stdnts mmg dok situ kn?
    bab2 wat jht ni pantas aje!!!

  33. hahaha..
    wat jahat??I mmmg ske buat jht pon..haha
    x de la..eh bkn skrang dh blh bkk u tube ker??
    i think lps pkul 7 je bru blh bkk utube,MS,facebook n so on kn??

  34. Hello Qea unnie! I’m Nana from Sabah 😀
    thank you so much for putting up all those links for us fans!
    Suju’s full house (I really like Kibum & Heechul!) got me into K-pop 😀 but now im more heavy to 2PM’s side

  35. well..Hello Nana!!
    Welcome to my blog lol!!Please enjoy yourself here!!haha
    me too!! I’m starting to Love 2PM more!!
    well u know the power of Variety Program..

  36. mmm…bkk mmg ble
    tp nk dwnld mst x dpt smpi abis…
    but it’s ok,
    just order kt frenz yg de broadband,haha…
    qea de fs?
    add ar kte…

  37. Harlo~ I’m Malaysian too~
    I’m connie from Sabah. ^.^
    I started to like Kpops when TVXQ first came to M’sia for Rising Sun concert~
    although I hadn’t have a chance to their concert before, I just longing to watch their live show one day~

  38. lol..HYe Connie!!!Glad to found another Msian here!!

    n shass..I will ad u k..
    tp I x maen FS sgt la..MS n Facebook active ckit la dr fs..
    btw I add u jgk nnti!!

  39. Wow.. I’m Indonesian!!
    At first, I thought that… Malaysian people are bad people (b’coz Indonesia have a lot of problems with Malaysia..)

    But, after I read your blog nd your profile..
    I will try to change my opinion!!
    B’coz u’re so KIND……

    Thx for all-about-korean here..
    I love Onew, too..

    I hope u don’t mad at me b’coz my second line..

  40. i just online n open my fs i saw ur face..haha
    tq 4 add me,
    who knows we will meet one day???
    watever pun…kamsa hamnida!!!

  41. lol Nesya..there is no reason for me to be mad at u..
    You’ve just be honest wif me..that’s all..btw I accept all your opinion
    n im glad I gave a good impression to u!!hehe..

  42. OMG!!! finally,i jmpe geng i..we’r malaysian..same lorh..im yana aqeela..aqeela???.ur name rite..we share da same name lorh..n 1 more thing..i uitm student gak..uitm dungun tganu..tourism student..hye, junior..hihi..i da part5.. i really crazy wif kpop..bt my feveret is BIG BANG..tp yg laen2 i ske jgk..i sukeeee dorg sume..2pm,suju, wonder girl,2ne1,kara,snsd..i love dem oll..i wish we will meet 1day..must b fun rite..by da way,thx 4 ur nice n fun blog..it really cheer me up today..arinie 3rd day kte pose..hihi..camat brbuke aqeela..

  43. lol yana aqeela!!haha feel weird to say your own name!!haha..
    anyway..yeyeye..jumpe geng!!haha..owh nie unnie la kan??ok hye senior!!^0^!!yeah I wish I could meet all my malaysian readers lol!!especially u!!kte jumpe2 ckp2 psal korea..aaahhaa..

    wow my blogs r fun?? I x tau pon..haha..thankz dear!!!

    celamat berbuka pose gak kat yana aqeela!! ^-^!!

  44. WAHAHAHA! you are malaysian? OMG! i’m crying happily reading your profile.looks like we are saudara seislam.lol. thank god i stumbled upon your blog. phewwwh. I’m qima btw. And living in Shah Alam, TTDI. happens to be a few minute from your UITM branch PUNCAK PERDANA. omo sis! you don’t know how glad am i to know you! XD
    and i’m a kpop crazyfan too.hehe
    eh lupa. Assalamualaikum, selamat berpuasa ramadhan al-mubarak 🙂

  45. Anyeo cyberdoll-sshi or should I say Qima right!!!
    Why r u crying??haha..I finally notice a lot of Msian today really love Kpop lol!!huhuhu..one of them is u!!
    yeah u r my saudara ok!!hehe..lol btw im not from puncak perdana my dear..Im at Puncak Alam..dkt gk la ngan P.Perdana..
    n Im glad to know u too..another kpop lover in Msia!!

    btw.Waalaikumusalam,Selamat Berpuasa gk!!

  46. qima yup.hahaha malu2!puncak alam, dkt gak en? hehe. 🙂 menangis kegembiraan act. sbb ni first time kot, jmpe someone mcm sis.interest same.

  47. Qea nak YM?MS?FCBK? huhuhu….tiap2 hari tgk this wordpress..hahaha

  48. ye qima..dkt jgk la..hahaha..

    hahahahaha..panda bear!!btol ke nk sume??MS,YM&FB??just notice I have a lot of funny readers!!hehehe..thankz for visiting this blog everyday!!eventhough I x slalu updated!!

    nnti I bg u my MS,FB n YM later k??post it here

  49. hi Qea…i think u did a really awesome job on ur blog bout the korean entertainment stuff. keep up the good work…ur blog is in my fav list now…any FB account that i can add?? hope to hear from u soon

  50. LOL Thankz falisa!!
    yeah i have the FB account..will post the link here soon huhuhu..

  51. hi qea!omg ur malaysian too?!u speak n e canto?im malaysian born in k.l but raised in australia sydney.. i like kpop too n thnx to ur blog i was able to download certain songs so thnx heaps!i like nicole frm KARA too!shes soo cute n i use to like shinee heaps till they changed their hair!hahah but 2ne1 n 2pm has caught my attention so far!i still cant get over jae leavin the group esp. how they just released their new albumn!n wifout jae it wont be complete! ive been watchin wild bunny n star king its hilarious!it makes u like ALL the memebers for their certain personality.. but i stil heart nichkhun the most ^-^ keep up the effort in downloading!ule be my number 1 source frm nows!haha i feel like such a freeloader but thnx heaps n ewaiz!

  52. hey do u no wher we can download f(x) songs? i heard they are meant to be like a female version of shinee?

  53. Hello, may i request you to upload/send me a ringtone/msg tone cut of Romeo & Juliette by SHINee, but the part where taemin sang ^^ cause you upload one is Onew’s part 😀 Thanks 😀

  54. thank u soo much for the download…. terima kasih

  55. Wow! so ur malaysian?? dun blieve it .

    mee too. .

    Great blog11

    Wanna learn 4rm u .

    Hhee . .

  56. It’s very cool for this blog.
    I like it.

  57. noonaaaa,
    I’m from Ampang too, u know 🙂
    Which uitm u’re attending ?
    cause I’m in uitm too ! 😉

  58. btw, I linked u in my blog.
    I fu dont mind 🙂

  59. hye qea..ii randomly google bout uitm student who interested in this kpop thingy and ur blog keep appearing so i decided to open it..ur blog is cool and mind if we exchange links?..hehehe..
    how long have u been in kpop world?..
    u like onew the best right?..as for me i like shinee but slightly more for tvxq..hehe..if u have time..do drop by at my blog k..=)
    nice to meet ya anyway..

  60. lol dibnrdn!Hye ampang girls!!I’m Melawati’s Girl!!haha
    btw.i’m not noona!i’m your unnie!

    hye aizamia!nice blog!

    MinHo girl,Ros Pisal n vita!Thankz Guys!!

  61. U rock GIrl!^^

  62. I’m So proud of you….. ALL MALAYSIAN PEOPLE!!!!! Malaysia bOleH!!!

  63. yes babe!
    Malaysai Boleh!
    Go Qela!haha

  64. wow!!u’re blog very awesome!!2 thumbs up
    for u..i rely love kpop start last year.1st grup tht i admire most suju!!huHu..thnx so much now i can listen 2 their songs.but now i rely like snsd!!they so hot!!btw,im malaysian too..so proud with u!!keep fighting onni..

  65. Wow, I’m a malaysian too… Nice job girl with this blog…
    Qela, we’re dongkap(same age)… hehe… love all your links…
    well I’m a Sone and what a coincidence that your birthday is the same as SNSD leader, Taengoo… and I was like, 7 days older than you… LOL… hehe… pangapseumnida…

  66. wow…very good blog lah..skrg ni senang nk download lagu korea…thankz ye kak qea..

  67. hi qea-eonni…
    i’m saphira from indonesia… ^^
    i saw ur blog when i was searching for onew [???] bcoz now i start have a crush on him !
    hahahaha…dun mean to be ur enemy…
    thx 4 the information that u have posted in this blog .
    really valuable…

  68. lol fatin.thankz!I know everyone will admire Suju for the first time!then it will change to other grp within time.poor our suju.but they still the best!aha!

    keroro>dongkap?I never know wat is tat means.until u told me.kekeke.Thankz for the comment!I love SNSD too!n taengoo r my fav!so we born in da same month?yay!

    kairah>welcome Dear!=)t download la byk2 k!hehehe

    sungyin>it’s ok.another onew lover won’t hurt me!kekeke.I’m still standing besides onew!hehehe.Thankz btw!(^_^)!Hye back frm Malaysia!

  69. halu..
    org malaysia rupe nye.. same lah kiter..
    kp0p jjang!!

  70. ahahahaha
    yupp.malaysia mari!
    kpop jjang!=)

  71. sgt suker adam couple..
    jo kwon & ga in terbaek lah..!
    hehe =)

  72. SHINee n Dubu r my favourite, however i’m slowly getting to like other groups n ‘idols’. I would love to visit Malaysia one day (my cousins live there,lucky them) whilst i’m stuck in wet and gloomy England lol.
    Korean-everything is so bloody addictive, it’s starting to affect my uni work because i can’t even get off the laptop lol ^^ Anyhoo just wanted to drop a salam n say ur your Blog is gi yeo wo!

  73. Oggy>hehehe..thankz2..same with me..I’m started to lose a bit interest to SHINee and currently change to loving Beast right now!huhu..anyways thank u for dropping by on my blogs!..even myself can’t let go from my laptop since Kpop have control most of my life..ahahaha..well u should drop by to Msia lol..Beast,Suju,WG,JYJ,FT Island all have come to msia!!yay..the korean waves r growing here..

  74. I’m A Singaporean And I x3333 YOu fer all the Songs You Ahve here XDDDDDDDD.Me here Also Loves SHINEe,Beast And Kara TTM XDDD

  75. hi!
    i’m malaysian too and i just got started on kpop because of BEAST. i love BEAST especially their maknae Dongwoon ^^
    found your blog on google and hahaha i live quite near to melawati actually! nice blog, please dont delete!! 😀

  76. annyeong ~~~
    wow …!!!
    thanks for upload these links….. it’s really work to me…^^
    do you have the newest songs???
    can you upload the links too???
    thank thank thank thank youuuuuu….:D

  77. son bien lindosss– no seria fans de elles ni de nadie— pok es una perdida de tiempo– tan solo me conformo con escuchar su miusic k por sierto son buenasassss– y nada mas –tiene talento y carisa—-simpatia y carisma–pss como debee de ser —

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