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So I made this post to make your life more download more easier..I know it’s hard to check one by one post to download the song that you to make it more easy n faster I made this post just for the download link..just one u guys prefer mediafire or megaupload for the download link?? I guess it’s better mediafire right??u don’t have to type any number or alphabet..

n I will probably updated here more than in the real post..cuz it takes times to write review n stuff bout the new song(since now i’m too busy with no time to post a new song review..but I still updated it once Im back home) here is more faster to check the new song..I label all the new song release like this”(New Song Release)” feel free to take any song..just remember to credit me back if u post my link..that’s all!!I’m just providing the easiest download link..just want to help u guys for craving the latest Kpop song!!

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Updated A Few Song!*NEW*

read this***My mediafire folder of all the Kpop song that I upload has been some problem lately.some of the song r been deleted.I don’t know who crack my folder but some most of the link r broken-mixed up-n been delete.I’m soo sad bout it.but anyway I will try to upload it back again.if any link of the song r broken please tell me ok?so I can upload it back.i’ve been searching which one r the broken link n it takes time.anyway keep enjoy the kpop song!(^_^)V!

Gummy & Bobby Kim – Love Recipe
T-ara – Why Are You Being Like This
Orange Caramel – Aing♡
F.Cuz – Midnight Sun
Taeyeon (SNSD) & The One – Like A Star
BEAST – Lights Go On Again
BEAST – Beautiful
Oh Won Bin Feat. Miryo(B.E.G) – I Love You and I Love You
KARA – Jumping Korea Ver.
GP Basic – I’ll Be There
Girls Day – Nothing Last Forever
G-Dragon – GMarket Party!
Ryeowook (Super Junior) – Smile Again (Home Sweet Home OST)
Girls Generation (SNSD) – Hoot
2AM – You Wouldn’t Answer My Calls
Rainbow – Mach
Tiffany (SNSD) – Ring [Haru OST]
Co-Ed – BbiRiBbom BbaeRiBbom
Group Of 20 – Let’s Go (Korean Ver.)
2PM – I’ll Be Back
JYJ (Jaejoong,Yoochun,Junsu) – Ayyy Girl feat Kanye West & Malik Yusef
U-Kiss – Shut Up (시끄러!!)
SHINee – Hello
Se7en – I’m Going Crazy
Beast – Soom (숨)
Beast – Clenched Fist
Miss A – Breathe
2NE1 – Can’t Nobody
2NE1 – Go Away
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2NE1 – FIRE [mp3]
2NE1 – Lollipop [mp3]
2NE1 First Mini Album
2NE1 – I Don’t Care [mp3]
2NE1 – In The Club [mp3]
2NE1 – Pretty Boy [mp3]
2NE1 – Let’s Go PARTY [mp3]
2NE1 – Stay Together [mp3]
Park Bom – You and I VERSION 2 [mp3]
CL & Minzy – Please Don’t Go [mp3]
2NE1 – Try To Copy Me [mp3]
2NE1 – TO ANYONE First Album(New Album Release)[Recommended!!]
1. 2NE1 – Can’t Nobody (New Song Release)[Recommended!!]
2. 2NE1 – Go Away (New Song Release)[Recommended!!]
3. 2NE1 – Clap Your Hands
4. 2NE1 – I’m Busy
5. 2NE1 – Slow(Painful)
6. 2NE1 – Love is Ayaya
7. 2NE1(Park Bom) – You & I
8. 2NE1 – Please Don’t Go
9. 2NE1(Dara) – Kiss
10. 2NE1 – Try To Follow Me
11. 2NE1 – I Don’t Care(Reggae mix ver)
12. 2NE1 – Can’t Nobody (English ver) [mp3]
2NE1 – To Anyone Full Album [rar]

2 AM
2 AM – A Friends Confession [mp3]
2AM – Lost [mp3]
Mario – Superman (ft. Lee Changmin of 2AM) [mp3]
Ga In & Jo Kwon – We Fell In Love [mp3]
1.2AM – Intro [mp3]
2. 2AM – Even If I Die, I Can’t Send You Away [mp3]
3. 2AM – I’m Sorry I Can’t Laugh For You [mp3]
4. 2AM – I Love You (feat. Baek Chan, Joo Hee of 8eight) [mp3]
5. 2AM – To Her (feat. Chansung of 2PM) [mp3]
6. 2AM – Outro [mp3]
New Single
2AM – I Did Wrong [mp3](New Song Release)[Recommended!!]
Jo Kwon – The Day Of Confessing My Love
2AM – Saint O’ Clock First Album(New Album Release)[Recommended!!]
1. 2AM – Intro – Phone [mp3]
2. 2AM – You Aren’t Answering My Call (전활 받지 않는 너에게) [mp3](New Song Release)[Recommended!!]
3. 2AM – Like Crazy (미친 듯이) [mp3]
4. 2AM – Just Me (바로 나야 Feat. Glam) [mp3]
5. 2AM – Mirage [mp3]
6. 2AM – To Love Again (다시 사랑하기엔) [mp3]
7. 2AM – Not Now (이젠 없다) [mp3]
8. 2AM – Anxious (불안하다) [mp3]
9. 2AM – Love U, Hate U (Feat. 방탄소년단) [mp3]
10. 2AM – With Or Without U [mp3]
11. 2AM – Can’t Tell A Lie (사랑한단 말 못해) [mp3]
2AM – Saint O’ Clock Full Album [rar](New Album Release)[Recommended!!]

2 PM
2PM – Again & Again [mp3]
2PM – I Hate You [mp3]
2PM – Maybe I’ll Come Back [mp3]
V.O.S – To Luv… (Feat. 2PM’s Jae Beom) [mp3]
1.59PM First Full Album
1. 2PM – My Heart.mp3
2. 2PM – Heartbeat.mp3
3. 2PM – Tired of Waiting.mp3
4. 2PM – I Was Crazy About You.mp3
6. 2PM – Back 2U.mp3
7. 2PM – All Night Long.mp3
8. 2PM – Heartbeat (Red Light Mix).mp3
2PM – Crazy4S [mp3]
Don’t Stop Can’t Stop (NewAlbum Release)
1. 2PM – Don`t Stop Can`t Stop [mp3]
2. 2PM – Without U [mp3](New Song Release)[Recommended!!]fixed
3. 2PM – As Soon As(마자) [mp3]
4. 2PM – Risk My Life (목숨을 건다) [mp3]
5. 2PM – Without U (Explorer Mix) [mp3]
6. 2PM – Space [mp3]
2 PM – Thank You [mp3]
2PM – Still 2:00PM Mini Album(New Album Release)[Recommended!!]
1. 2PM – Still[mp3]
2. 2PM – I’ll Be Back [mp3](New Song Release)[Recommended!!]
3. 2PM – 니가 나를 떠나도 (Even If You Leave Me) [mp3]
4. 2PM – Dance Tonight[mp3]
5. 2PM – I Can’t [mp3]
6. 2PM – I Know[mp3]
7. 2PM – I’ll Be Back – Club mix[mp3]
2PM – STILL 2:00PM Full Album [rar]

4 Minute
4 Minute – Hot Issue [mp3]
4 Minute – For Muzik Album
1. 4 Minute – For Muzik mp3 link
2. 4 Minute – MUZIK mp3 link
3. 4 Minute – Hot Issue mp3 link
4. 4 Minute – What A Girl Wants mp3 link
5. 4 Minute – Funny mp3 link
6. 4 Minute – Won’t Give You mp3 link
7. 4 Minute – Hot Issue (Remix) mp3 link
4Minute – Jingle Jingle (Feat. Mario) [mp3]
Hyuna Solo
Hyun Ah (4 Minute) feat Yong Joon Hyung(Beast) – Change [mp3][Recommended!!]
2nd Mini Album – Hit Your Heart (NewAlbum Release)
1. 4Minute – Who’s Next? ft. Beast[mp3]
2. 4Minute – HUH (Hit Your Heart)[mp3]
3. 4Minute – Invitation[mp3]
4. 4Minute – I My Me Mine[mp3](New Song Release)[Recommended!!]
5. 4Minute – Bababa[mp3]
6. 4Minute – Highlight[mp3]
7. 4Minute – Cool and Natural (태연하게 당연하게 )[mp3]

4Tomorrow(KARA Han SeungYeon, After School UEE, Brown Eyed Girls GaIn and 4Minute Hyun)
4Tomorrow – Tomorrow [mp3]

8Eight – Without A Heart [mp3]
8Eight – Goodbye My Love [mp3]
8Eight – No One Cries Because They Want To [mp3]
8eight – Validity Period [mp3]
8eight – Breakup Is Coming [mp3]

After School
After School – Diva [mp3]
After School – Dream Gir [mp3]
After School – Ah!! [mp3]
After School – Play Girlz [mp3]
Son Dam Bi & After School – Amoled [mp3]
After School feat.Sunny Side – Half (Tempted Again OST) [mp3]
New Album:D3 Because Of You Album!
After School – Because Of You [mp3]
After School – When I Fall [mp3]
After School – Because Of You (Remix) [mp3]
Orange Caramel(Raina,Nana & Lizzy Sub-unit Group)
Orange Caramel – Magic Girl (마법소녀) [Recommended!!]
Orange Caramel – Love Does Not Wait (사랑을 미룰 순 없나요)
Orange Caramel – Aing♡ 2nd Mini Album
1. Orange Caramel – Aing♡ [mp3](New Song Release)[Recommended!!]
2. Orange Caramel – One Love [mp3]
3. Orange Caramel – Yet..(아직…) [mp3]
4. Orange Caramel – Standing Here (이곳에 서서)[mp3]
3. Orange Caramel – Aing♡ 2nd Mini Album Full [rar]

B2ST ( Beast)
1. B2ST – Beast Is The B2ST [mp3]
2. B2ST – Bad Girl [mp3] [Recommended!!]
3. B2ST – Mystery [mp3][Recommended!!]
4. B2ST – Yet [mp3]
5. B2ST – Oasis [mp3]
Beast – Shock Of The New Era Album
1.Beast – Just Before Shock [mp3]
2.Beast – Shock [mp3][Recommended!!]
3.Beast – Special [mp3][Recommended!!]
4.Beast – Take Care of My Girlfriend (Say No) [mp3]
5.Beast – Easy [mp3]
Beast – Mastermind 3rd Mini Album
1. B2ST – Mastermind
2. B2ST – Soom (숨)(New Song Release)[Recommended!!]
3. B2ST – V.I.U (Very Important U) [Recommended!!]
4. B2ST – Break Down
5. B2ST – Clenched Fist (주먹을 꽉 쥐고) [Recommended!!]
Beast – Mastermind Full Album [rar][Recommended!!]
B2ST – Lights Go On Again 4th Mini Album(New Album Release)
1. B2ST – Lights Go On Again [mp3](New Song Release)[Recommended!!]
2. B2ST – Beautiful [mp3](New Song Release)[Recommended!!]
3. B2ST – I Like You The Best (니가 제일 좋아) [mp3][Recommended!!]
4. B2ST – Lightless [mp3]
5. B2ST – I’m Sorry [mp3]
B2ST – Lights Go On Again Full Album[rar][Recommended!!]

Baek Ji Young
Baek Ji Young – Love Is Not A Crime (Ja Myung Go OST) [mp3]
Baek Ji Young – Like Being Shot [mp3]
Baek Ji Young – Kiss My Lips [mp3]
Baek Ji Young feat Taecyeon(2PM) – My Ear’s Candy [mp3]
Baek Ji Young – Don’t Forget IRIS OST [mp3][Recommended!!]
Baek Ji Young & Mighty Mouse – Will Love Come [mp3][Recommended!!]
Baek Ji Young – Over Time (시간이 지나면)(New Song Release)[Recommended!!]
Baek Ji Young – That Woman Secret Garden OST [mp3]

Big Bang
Big Bang – Sunset Glow [mp3]
Seung Ri Solo – Strong Baby [mp3]
Big Bang – Wonderful [mp3]
Big Bang – Stylish The Fila [mp3]
Big Bang – Halleluya Iris OST [mp3]
TOP and Tae Yang – Friend [mp3]
Daesung – Try Smiling [mp3]
G-Dragon – Heartbreaker Solo Album
1. G-Dragon – A Boy [mp3]
2. G-Dragon – Heartbreaker [mp3]
3. G-Dragon – Breath [mp3]
4. G-Dragon – Butterfly(feat Jin Jung) [mp3]
5. G-Dragon feat Dara(2NE1) – Hello [mp3]
6. G-Dragon feat Kim Gun Mo – Gossip Man [mp3]
G-Dragon ft. Taeyang – Korean Drama [mp3]
8. G-Dragon ft. Teddy & CL(2NE1) – The Leaders [mp3]
9. G-Dragon ft. KUSH – She’s Gone [mp3]
10. G-Dragon – Station 1 Year [mp3]
Tae Yang – Wedding Dress [mp3]
Dae Sung – Cotton Candy [mp3]
BIG BANG – Lollipop Pt.2 [mp3]
Taeyang – SOLAR Album
1. Taeyang – SOLAR (Intro) [mp3]
2. Taeyang – Superstar [mp3]
3. Taeyang – I Need A Girl (Feat. G-dragon) [mp3]
4. Taeyang – Just A Feeling [mp3]
5. Taeyang – You’re My [mp3]
6. Taeyang – Move (Feat. Teddy) [mp3]
7. Taeyang – Break Down[mp3]
8. Taeyang – Before You Fall Asleep [니가 잠든 후에] (Feat. Swings)[mp3]
9. Taeyang – Where u at
10. Tae Yang – Wedding Dress [mp3]
11. Taeyang – Take it slow
Taeyang – SOLAR Album [rar]
Taeyang – I’ll Be There (Added Song To Solar Album)(New Album Release)[Recommended!!]
4. Taeyang – I’ll Be There(eng) [mp3]
5. Taeyang – Wedding dress(eng) [mp3](New Song Release)[Recommended!!]
6. Taeyang – Connection (ft bigtone) [mp3]
12. Taeyang – I’ll Be There (kor) [mp3]

Brown Eyed Girls
Brown Eyed Girls – My Style (Hidden Track) [mp3]
Brown Eyed Girls – Sweet Lies [mp3]
Brown Eyed Girls – L.O.V.E [mp3]
Brown Eyed Girls – You [mp3]
Brown Eyed Girls – Abracadabra [mp3][Recommended!!]
Brown Eyed Girls – Candy Man [mp3]
Brown Eyed Girls – Sign [mp3]

1. C.N.BLUE – I’m A Loner [mp3]
2. C.N.BLUE – Love Revolution [mp3]
3. C.N.BLUE – Y,Why…[mp3]
4. C.N.BLUE – Now Or Never [mp3]
5. C.N.BLUE – I Will…Forget You…[mp3]
C.N. BLUE – Bluetory Full Album [rar]
CN BLUE – Love Light [mp3] [Recommended!!]
2nd Mini Album-Blue Love
1. C.N BLUE – Love[mp3][Recommended!!]
2. C.N BLUE – Sweet Holiday[mp3]
3. C.N BLUE – Black Flower[mp3]
4. C.N BLUE – Tattoo[mp3]
5. C.N BLUE – Love Light[mp3]
6. C.N BLUE – Let’s Go Crazy[mp3]
C.N BLUE – The Way Japanese Album(NewAlbum Release)
CN BLUE – Part 1. One Time [mp3](New Song Release)[Recommended!!]
CN BLUE – Part 2. Ready N Go [mp3]
CN BLUE – Part 3. Eclipse [mp3]
CN BLUE – I Don’t Know Why 2nd Japanese Single Album (New Album Release)[Recommended!!]
1. C.N BLUE – I don’t know why[mp3](New Song Release)[Recommended!!]
2. C.N BLUE – Lie[mp3]
3. C.N BLUE – I don’t know why (Instrumental)
4. C.N BLUE – Lie (Instrumental)
C.N. Blue – I Don’t Know Why Full Album [rar]

Co-Ed ( new group)
Co-Ed – Too Late
1. Co-Ed – Too Late part 1 [mp3](New Song Release)[Recommended!!]
2. Co-Ed – Too Late part 2 [mp3]
3. Co-Ed – Too Late Remix Ver. [mp3]
Co-Ed – BbiRiBbom BbaeRiBbom
1. Co-Ed – BbiRiBbom BbaeRiBbom [mp3](New Song Release)[Recommended!!]
2. Co-Ed – BbiRiBbom BbaeRiBbom Remix Ver.[mp3]
3. Co-Ed – I Love You A Thousand Times [mp3]

Davichi – My Man [mp3]
Mini Album Vol.2 Innocence
1. Davichi – Time, Stop [mp3](New Song Release)[Recommended!!]
2. Davichi – First Kiss [mp3]
3. Davichi – Don’t Leave [mp3]
4. Davichi – Can’t Love,Can’t Part [mp3]

DNT – Loving My Heart [mp3]

D-NA(Daek Guk Nam Ah)
1.D-NA – Admiring Boy [mp3]
2.D-NA – Blinding World [mp3]

Dong Bang Shin Ki(DBSK,DBSG,Tohonshinki)
DBSK – Sky [mp3]
DBSK – Bolero Full [mp3]
DBSK – Kiss The Baby Sky [mp3]
DBSK – Mirotic [mp3]
DBSK – Mirotic (Clean Version) [mp3]
DBSK – Stand by U [mp3]
DBSK – Survivor [mp3]
DBSK – Tea for Two [mp3]
DBSK – Mirotic (Japanese Version) [mp3]

Dream Girl
Dream Girl – Beauty Guilty[mp3]

Eddie – Over(Eng. Ver.) [mp3]
Eddie – Over (feat. Kayoko) (Korea Ver.) [mp3]

F.Cuz New Group
No One Album
1.F.Cuz – Go [mp3]
2.F.Cuz – No One [mp3]
3.F.Cuz – Because Of You [mp3] [Recommended!!]
4.F.Cuz – Boy Meet Girl [mp3]
5.F.Cuz – Jiggy [mp3]
6.F.Cuz – No One (Inst.) [mp3]
F.Cuz – Gorgeous 2nd Mini Album
1. F.Cuz – Intro [mp3]
2. F.Cuz – U Crazy [mp3]
3. F.Cuz – Midnight Sun [mp3](New Song Release)[Recommended!!]
4. F.Cuz – Friend’s Graduation (친구졸업) [mp3]
5. F.Cuz – Say U Say Me [mp3]
6. F.Cuz – Mine (내꺼) [mp3]
7. F.Cuz – It’s Ok (괜찮아) [mp3]
8. F.Cuz – Midnight Sun Remix Ver. [mp3]

Gummy – There Is No Love [mp3]
Gummy & Bobby Kim – Love Recipe

f(x) – LA chA TA [mp3]
f(x) – Chocolate Love (Electronic Pop Ver.)[mp3]
f(x) – Chu [mp3]
f(x) – Step By Me [mp3]
f(x) – You Are My Destiny [mp3]
f(x) feat M.I.C – Lollipop [mp3]
Nu ABO Album(New Album Release)
1. f(x) – NU ABO [mp3] [Recommended!!]
2. f(x) – Mr. Boogie [mp3]
3. f(x) – Ice Cream [mp3]
4. f(x) – ME+U [mp3]
5. f(x) – Surprise Party [mp3]
6. f(x) – Sorry (Dear. Daddy) [mp3]

Fly To The Sky
Fly To The Sky – Throwing You Away [mp3]
Hwanhee – Dropped My Heart [mp3]

Ft. Island – I Believe Myself [mp3]
Ft. Island – TV Radio [mp3]
Ft. Island – Inhyeong cheoreom [mp3]
F.T Island – Bad Woman [mp3]
F.T Island – Live Like A Musical [mp3]
F.T Island – Magic( Mabeop) [mp3]
F.T Island – Missing You [mp3]
F.T Island – Moonlight Angel [mp3]
F.T Island – The One [mp3]
F.T Island – The One Album [rar]
F.T Island – WhaT Can I Do [mp3]
F.T Island – You And I [mp3]
F.T Island – You’ll Be In My Heart [mp3]
F.T Island Vol.3 Cross & Change Album
1. F.T Island – Bing Bing Bing [mp3]
2. F.T Island – I Hope [mp3]
3. F.T Island – The Angel and the Woodman [mp3]
4. F.T Island – Hateful and Graceful [mp3]
5. F.T Island – Boy Meets Girl [mp3]
6. F.T Island – Marry Me [mp3]
7. F.T Island – It’s Not Necessary [mp3]
8. F.T Island – I Knew From First Sight [mp3]
9. F.T Island – Let Go/Send Away [mp3]
10. F.T Island – The Ugly/The Fool [mp3]
11. F.T Island – You Don’t Know My Feelings/Make Little of Others [mp3]
F.T Island – One Date Album
FT Island – Lie [mp3]
F.T Triple – Two Date Album
F.T triple – Love Letter [mp3]
F.T Island – Girls Don’t Know (Yeojaneun molla)[mp3] REQUEST!=)
F.T Island – Beautiful Journey Album(New Album Release)[Recommended!!]
1. F.T Island – Love Love Love[mp3](New Song Release)[Recommended!!]
2. F.T Island – Calluses Being Stuck (굳은 살이 박혀버려)[mp3]
3. F.T Island – Baby Love[mp3]
4. F.T Island – Crazily Looking Only at You (미친 듯이 너 하나만)[mp3]
5. F.T Island – Don Quixote’s Song (돈키호테의 노래)[mp3]
F.T Island – Beautiful Journey Full Album [rar]

Girl’s Day
Girl’s Day Party [EP] Album
1. Girl’s Day – Tilt My Head [mp3]
2. Girl’s Day – Huppy Shuppy [mp3]
3. Girl’s Day – Control [mp3]
Girl’s Day – Nothing Last Forever(New Song Release)[Recommended!!]

GP Basic
GP Basic – Game [mp3]
GP Basic – I’ll Be There(New Song Release)[Recommended!!]

HAM – So Sexy [mp3](New Song Release)[Recommended!!]

IU – Im Album
IU – Marshmallow [mp3]
IU Feat Seul Ong (2AM) – Nagging (잔소리)

Jewelry S – Sweet Song [mp3]
Jewelry – Strong Girl [mp3]
Jewelry – Love Story [mp3]

JYJ – Jaejoong , Micky Yoochun , Xiah Junsu
1. JYJ – Intro [mp3]
2. JYJ – Ayyy Girl feat Kanye West & Malik Yusef [mp3](New Song Release)[Recommended!!]
3. JYJ – Empty [mp3]
4. JYJ – Be My Girl [mp3]
5. JYJ – Sitll In Love [mp3]
6. JYJ – I Can Soar [mp3]
7. JYJ – I Love You feat Flowsik [mp3]
8. JYJ – Be The One [mp3]
JYJ – The Beginning Full Album [rar](New Album Release)[Recommended!!]

KARA – Honey [mp3]
KARA – Pretty Girl [mp3]
KARA – Same Heart [mp3]
KARA – Pretty Girl (School Rock Ver.) [mp3]
Kara Second Album – Revolution
1. KARA – 미스터(Mister) [mp3]
2. KARA – Wanna [mp3]
3. KARA – 마법 [mp3]
4. KARA – 몰래몰래 [mp3]
5. KARA – Let It Go [mp3]
6. KARA – Take A Bow [mp3]
7. KARA – AHA [mp3]
8. KARA – 똑 같은 맘 [mp3]
KARA – Lupin 3rd Mini Album
1.Kara – Tasty Love [mp3]
2.Kara – Lupin [mp3]
3.Kara – Umbrella [mp3]
4.Kara – Rollin’ [mp3]
5.Kara – Lonely [mp3]
Kara – We’re With You [mp3]
KARA – Jumping Mini Album
1. KARA – Love Is [mp3]
2. KARA – Jumping [mp3](New Song Release)[Recommended!!]
3. KARA – Burn [mp3](New Song Release)[Recommended!!]
4. KARA – Binks [mp3]
5. KARA – With[mp3]
6. KARA – Jumping Inst. [mp3]
KARA – Jumping Korean Full Album[rar](New Album Release)[Recommended!!]
KARA – Girl’s Talk Japanese Album
1. KARA – Jumping [mp3](New Song Release)[Recommended!!]
2. KARA – Mister [mp3]
3. KARA – Baby I Need You [mp3]
4. KARA – Sweet Days [mp3]
5. KARA – SOS [mp3]
6. KARA – Love Is [mp3]
7. KARA – Binks [mp3]
8. KARA – Umbrella [mp3]
9. KARA – Jumping [mp3]
10. KARA – Lupin [mp3]
KARA – Girl’s Talk Japanese Album [rar]

Kim Jong Gook
Kim Jong Gook – Happy Disease (Feat. Shorry J (MM)) [mp3]

Kim Tae Woo
Kim Tae Woo – Dreaming Dream (Main Ver.) Iris OST [mp3]
Kim Tae Woo – Dreaming Dream (Ballad Ver.) Iris OST [mp3]
Kim Tae Woo – Love Snow [mp3]

K. Will
K.Will – 그립고 그립고 그립다(Miss, Miss and Miss) [mp3] (I’m not sure bout the title of the song.either miss3 or will3 or long3.all r the same i guess)

Kan Mi Youn
Kan Mi Youn ft. Mir (MBLAQ) – Crazy

Lee Hyun Ji
Lee Hyun Ji ft. Onew – Vanilla Love [mp3]
Lee Hyun Ji ft. Onew(SHINee) – Vanilla LOVE(Christmas Edition) [mp3]

Lee Minho
Lee Min Ho – Extreme [mp3]
Lee Min Ho – My Everything [mp3]

Lee Seung Gi
Lee Seung Gi – I’ll Give You Everything [mp3]
Lee Seung Gi – Will You Marry Me (feat. Bizniz) [mp3]

Leessang – The Girl Who Can’t Breakup, The Guy Who Can’t Leave (Feat. Jung In) [mp3](request by amanda)

LPG ( Long Pretty Legs)
LPG – Doorbell Of Love (사랑의 초인종)

MC Mong
MC Mong – Indian Boy (feat. Jang Geun Ee, B.I) [mp3]

1. MBLAQ – Oh Yeah [mp3]
2. MBLAQ – G.O.O.D Luv [mp3]
3. MBLAQ – My Dream [mp3]
2nd Single Album – Y
(NewAlbum Release)
1. MBLAQ – 4 Ya’ Stereo – Intro (feat. Taewan A.K.A C-LUV)[mp3]
2. MBLAQ – Y[mp3][Recommended!!]
3. MBLAQ – One Better Day[mp3](New Song Release)[Recommended!!]
4. MBLAQ – What U Want[mp3]
5. MBLAQ – Last Luv[mp3]

Miss A
Bad But Good Album
1. Miss A – Bad Girl Good Girl
2. Miss A – Looking At Each Other (딱 마주쳐)
3. Miss A – Love Again (다시 사랑)
4. Miss A – Break It
Miss A -Step Up 2nd Single(New Album Release)[Recommended!!]
1. Miss A – Step Up
2. Miss A – Breathe(New Song Release)[Recommended!!]
3. Miss A – Are U Dazed
4. Miss A – Play That Music,DJ
Miss A – Step Up 2nd Single Full Album [rar]

Navi – Wasteful Tears (feat. HyunA from 4minute) [mp3]

1.Nia – Goodbye (Song Ver.) [mp3]
2.Nia – Goodbye (Rap Ver.) (Feat. Mino Of Free Style) [mp3]
3. Nia – Everynight [mp3]
4. Nia – A Good Day For Sunshine [mp3]

Park Ji Yoon
Park Ji Yoon – In My Fading Memory [mp3]

Rain (Bi)
Rain – Rainism (Korean Version) [mp3]
Rain – Rainism (English Version) [mp3]
Rain – Rainism (Chinese Version) [mp3]
Rain – Rainism (Japanese Version) [mp3]
Rain – Rainism Clean Ver. [mp3]
Rain – Love Story (English Version) [mp3]
Rain – Love Story (Chinese Version) [mp3]
Rain – Love Story (Japanese Version) [mp3]
Rain – Love Story (Acoustic Version) [mp3]
Rain – Only You [mp3]
Rain – My Girl [mp3]
Rain – September 12 (Acoustic Version) [mp3]
Rain – Fresh Woman (Remix Version) [mp3]

Rainbow – A [mp3]
Rainbow – Mach [mp3](New Song Release)[Recommended!!]

Secret – I Want You Back [mp3]
Song Ji Eun feat Hwanhee – Yesterday [mp3]
Secret – Magic [mp3]
Secret Madonna Album
1. Secret – Madonna [mp3](New Song Release)[Recommended!!]
2. Secret – Lalala [mp3]
3. Secret – Do Better feat Baek Chan (8eight) [mp3]
4. Secret – Give Don’t Give [mp3]
5. Secret – Leave Space Empty [mp3]
Secret – Madonna Full Album [rar]

Seeya,Davinci and Ji Yeon(T-Ara) – Female Generation [mp3]
SeeYa, Davichi & T-ara – Women Generation [mp3]
SeeYa – His Voice [mp3]

Digital Bounce-Mini Album(New Album Release)
1. Se7en – Reset
2. Se7en – Digital Bounce ( Feat. T.O.P)(New Song Release) [Recommended!!]
3. Se7en -Better Together [Recommended!!]
4. Se7en – I’m Going Crazy(New Song Release) [Recommended!!]
5. Se7en – Money Can’t Buy Me Love
6. Se7en – Drips
7. Se7en – Roller Coaster

1. Sistar – Here We Come [mp3]
2. Sistar – Push Push (푸쉬푸쉬) [mp3]
3. Sistar – Oh Baby[mp3]
Sistar – Chronos Soul (Chronos Sword OST) [mp3]
Sistar – Shady Girl [mp3](New Song Release)[Recommended!!]

SM Town 2009 Summer Album
Super Junior – Carnival [mp3]
SHINee – Scar [mp3]
Super Junior,Dong Bang SHin Ki & SHINee – Seaside(BoomBoom) [mp3]
DBSK – 12시34분 [mp3]

Super Junior
Super Junior – Sorry,Sorry [mp3]
Super Junior(K.R.Y) – Let’s Not [mp3]
Super Junior – Happy Together [mp3]
Super Junior – Dead At Heart [mp3]
Super Junior – Why I Like You [mp3]
Super Junior – Heartquake (Feat. TVXQ (U-Know & Micky) [mp3]
Super Junior – Club No.1 (Feat. Lee Yeon Hee) [mp3]
Super Junior – Angela [mp3]
Super Junior – Love Disease [mp3]
Super Junior – Love U More [mp3]
Super Junior – Neorago (It_s You) [mp3]
Super Junior – Reset [mp3]
Super Junior – Shining Star [mp3]
Super Junior – What If [mp3]
Super Junior – She Wants It [mp3]
Super Junior M – Super Girl [mp3]
Super Junior – Sorry, Sorry – Answer (Studio Ver.) [mp3]
Super Junior – It’s You (Rearranged) (Studio Ver.) [mp3]
Super Junior – BONAMANA
Super Junior 4th Album – BONAMANA
1.Super Junior – BONAMANA (미인아)[mp3](New Song Release) [Recommended!!]
2.Super Junior – Boom Boom (나쁜 여자)[mp3]
3.Super Junior – Coagulation (응결 )[mp3]
4.Super Junior – Your Eyes (나란 사람)[mp3]
5.Super Junior – My Only Girl[mp3]
6.Super Junior – My All Is You (사랑이 이렇게)[mp3]
7.Super Junior – Shake It Up![mp3]
8.Super Junior – In My Dream (잠들고 싶어)[mp3]
9.Super Junior – In My Dream (잠들고 싶어)[mp3]
10.Super Junior – Good Person (좋은 사람)[mp3]
11.Super Junior – Here We Go [mp3]
No Other 4th Repackaged Album(New Album Release)
01 No Other (너 같은 사람 또 없어)
02 Shake It Up! (Remix Ver.)
03 All My Heart (진심)
04 A Short Journey (여행) Kangin features! [Recommended!!]
Super Junior – Tok Tok Tok [mp3](New Song Release)[Recommended!!]
Super Junior – Angel (Haru OST) [mp3](New Song Release)[Recommended!!]
Beige Feat Ryeowook(Super Junior) – Falling In Love With A Friend mp3(New Song Release)[Recommended!!]

SNSD(Girls Generation)
SNSD – Ha Ha Ha (Long Version) [mp3]
SNSD – Dear. Mom [mp3]
SNSD – Gee [mp3]
Tiffany – By Myself (Ja Myung Go OST) [wma]

SNSD Tell Me Your Wish Mini Album
SNSD – Genie [mp3]
SNSD – Etude [mp3]
SNSD – Girlfriend [mp3]
SNSD – Boyfriend [mp3]
SNSD – Fairytale [mp3]
Jessica Feat Onew – One Year Later [mp3]
SNSD – Chocolate Love Retro Pop Ver. [mp3] (New Song Release)
Gee Remix & Ballad Album
SNSD – Gee (Ballad English ver.) [mp3]
SNSD – Gee Remix (090215 Inkigayo) [mp3]
SNSD – Gee Remix (Lonely Highway Night Mix) [mp3]
SNSD – Gee Remix(Power BEAT Club) [mp3]
SNSD – Oh! Vol 2 Album
1.SNSD – Oh! [mp3]
2. SNSD – Show! Show! Show! [mp3]
3.SNSD – Fun & Fun (Sweet Talking Baby) [mp3]
4.SNSD – I Want to Dream With You (Forever) [mp3]
5.SNSD – Let’s Laugh (Be Happy) [mp3]
6.SNSD – Martian Virus (Boys & Girls) (feat. Key of SHINee) [mp3]
7.SNSD – Caramel Coffee (Talk To Me) [mp3]
8.SNSD – Star Star Star [mp3]
9.SNSD – Unconditional Happy Ending (Stick Wit U) [mp3]
10.SNSD – Thinking Only of Good Things (Day By Day) [mp3]
SNSD – Vol 2 Oh! Full Album [rar]
SNSD Black Soshi
SNSD – Run Devil Run [mp3]
Tiffany (SNSD) – Ring [Haru OST]
SNSD – Hoot 3rd Mini Album(New Album Release)[Recommended!!]
1. SNSD – 훗 (Hoot)(New Song Release)[Recommended!!]
2. SNSD – 내 잘못이죠 (Mistake)
3. SNSD – 단짝 (My Best Friend)
4. SNSD – Wake Up
5. SNSD – 첫눈에(Snowy Wish)
Girls Generation (SNSD) – Hoot 3rd Mini Album [rar]

SHINee – Juliette [mp3]
SHINee – Romeo + Juliette [mp3]
SHINee (Onew n Jonghyun) – Please, Don’t Go [mp3]
SHINee – Hit Me [mp3]
SHINee – Senorita [mp3]
SHINee – Talk To You [mp3]
SHINee – Stand By Me (BOF OST) [mp3]
SHINee – Countdown(Dream OST) [mp3]
3rd Mini Album – 2009 Year Of Us
SHINee – Ring Ding Dong [mp3]
1. SHINee – Y.O.U [mp3]
3. SHINee – JoJo [mp3][Recommended!!]
4. SHINee – Get Down [mp3]
5. SHINee – SHINee Girl [mp3]
6. SHINee(Onew Solo) – The Name I Loved [mp3] [Recommended!!]
SHINee – Last Gift [In my room-Prelude
The 2nd Album Lucifer(New Album Release) [Recommended!!]
1.SHINee – UP & DOWN [mp3]
2.SHINee – Lucifer [mp3](New Song Release) [Recommended!!]
3.SHINee – Electric Heart [mp3]
4.SHINee – A-Yo [mp3]
5.SHINee – Obsession(욕) [mp3]
6.SHINee – 화살 (Quasimodo) [mp3][Recommended!!]
7.SHINee – 악 (Shout Out) [mp3]
8.SHINee – WOWOWOW [mp3]
9.SHINee – Your Name [mp3][Recommended!!]
10.SHINee – Life [mp3][Recommended!!]
11.SHINee – Ready or Not [mp3]
12.SHINee – Love Pain [mp3]
13.SHINee – 사.계.후 (Love Still Goes On) [mp3]
SHINee – Lucifer Full Album [rar]
SHINee – Hello (Repackaged Lucifer Album)(New Album Release)[Recommended!!]
2. SHINee – Hello [mp3](New Song Release)[Recommended!!]
03 하나 (One)
04 Get It
SHINee – Hello Full Repackaged Album [rar]

SS501 – Sometime [mp3]
SS501 – Because I’m Stupid(BOF OST) [mp3]
SS501 Hyun Joong Solo – Please Be Good To Me [mp3]
SS501 Yeong Saeng Solo – Nameless Memory [mp3]
SS501 – Kyu Jong Solo – Wuss Up [mp3]
SS501 Triple S – I Am [mp3]
SS501 Triple S – Never Let You Go [mp3]
SS501 Triple S – The One [mp3]
SS501 Triple S – U r Man [mp3]
SS501 Triple S – WANT It [mp3]
SS501 – We Can Fly [mp3]
SS501 – Play [mp3]
SS501 – Rebirth Album
1.SS501 – Wasteland [mp3]
2.SS501 – Love Like This [mp3]
3.SS501 – Hang Ru Min [mp3]
4.SS501 – Obsess [mp3]
SS501 – Destination Album
1. SS501 – Let Me Be The One (그게 나라고..)[mp3]
2. SS501 – Love Ya [mp3]
3. SS501 – Crazy 4 U [mp3]
4. SS501 – Forever (영원토록)[mp3]

T-ara Lies
T-ara – Lies(Part.1) [mp3]
T-ara – Lies (Part.2) [mp3]
T-ara – Wanna Play [mp3]
T-ara – Lies(Ballad Ver.) [mp3]
T-ara & Supernova – Time To Love Ver 2 [mp3]
T-ara Absolute Album
1.T-ara – One & One [mp3]
2.T-ara – Like The First Time [mp3]
3.T-ara – Bo Peep Bo Peep [mp3]
4.T-ara – Tic Tic Toc [mp3]
5.T-ara – Bye Bye [mp3]
6.T-ara – Apple Is A [mp3]
7.T-ara – Falling U [mp3]
8.T-ara – You You You [mp3]
T-ara – Braking Heart Album
T-ara – I Go Crazy Because Of You [mp3]
T-ara – I’m Really Hurt [mp3] Fixed Link
T-ara – We Are The One [mp3]
T-ara – Skyground Starground [mp3] >from TWENTYth Urban Album
T-ara – Why Are You Being Like This [mp3](New Song Release) [Recommended!!]

T-Max – Paradise (BOF OST) [mp3]

Teen Top (Rookie Group)
1. Teen Top – Come Into The World (Intro) [mp3]
2. Teen Top – 박수 (Clap) [mp3](New Song Release) [Recommended!!]
3. Teen Top – 춤춰! (Let`s Dance) [mp3]

U-Kiss – Man Man Han Ni [mp3]
U-Kiss – Without You [mp3]
Only One Album(New Album Release)
1. U-Kiss – Intro [mp3]
2. U-Kiss – Spinning(Bingeul Bingeul) [mp3]
3. U-Kiss – Without You [mp3]
4. U-Kiss – What? [mp3]
5.U-Kiss – Bang Bang Bang [mp3]
6. U-Kiss – Dancing Floor [mp3]
7. U-Kiss – Am I That Easy (Remix) [mp3]
8. U-Kiss – O.K! (Remix) [mp3]
9. U-Kiss – I Like You (Remix) [mp3]
10. U-Kiss – Talk To Me (Remix) [mp3]
11. U-Kiss – I’m Not Young (Remix) [mp3]
12. U-Kiss – Give It To Me (Remix) [mp3]
U-Kiss – 뭐라고 (New Version)
U-Kiss – Break Time 4th Mini Album
1. U-Kiss – Before Yesterday (Intro)[mp3]
2. U-Kiss – Shut Up (시끄러!!)[mp3]
3. U-Kiss – Light It Up[mp3]
4. U-Kiss – Rock Ya’ Body[mp3]
5. U-Kiss – Avater[mp3]
6. U-Kiss – Shut Up [시끄러!!] (Inst.)[mp3]
7. U-Kiss – Light It Up (Inst.) [mp3]
U-Kiss – Break Time Full Album [rar]

Wonder Girls
Wonder Girls – Nobody (Eng Version) [mp3]
Wonder Girls – Now (FinK.L Remake) [mp3]
Wonder Girls – Nobody Rainstone Remix (English Verison) [mp3]

2 Different Tears (English Version)[mp3](New Song Release)[Recommended!!]Fixed Link
2Different Tears (Korean Version)[mp3](New Song Release)[Recommended!!]Fixed
2 Different Tears (Chinese Version)[mp3]Fixed
So Hot (English Version)[mp3]Fixed
Tell Me (English Version)[mp3]Fixed
Nobody (English Version)[mp3]Fixed
10.Wonder Girls – 2 Different Tears (Karaoke)[mp3]

ZEA(Childs Of Empire)
ZEA – Coach [mp3]
ZEA – Mazeltov [mp3]
ZEA – New Star [mp3]

ZE:A – Leap For Detonation Album
ZE.A – All Day Long (하루종일 ) [mp3]
ZE.A – Man 2 Man [mp3]

Ringtone(SHINee only)
[RT]SHINee – Amigo Remix [ Wake Up Song]
[RT]SHINee – Replay
[RT]SHINee – Amigo
[RT]SHINee Onew – Forevermore
[RT]SHINee – Love Should Go On
[RT]SHINee – Real
[RT]SHINee – Romantic
[RT]SHINee – Stand By Me
[RT]SHINee – The SHINee World
[RT]SHINee Onew feat Lee Hyun Ji – Vanilla Love
[RT]SHINee – You’re Like Oxygen
[RT]SHINee – Juliette
[RT]SHINee – Romeo + Juliette
[RT]SHINee – Senorita
RT]SHINee – Please Don’t Go

As ping have requested.So I will add new song download Here!English Song!some of th song I like r also include!
Beyonce – Sweet Dreams [mp3]
Bunkface – Through My Window [mp3]
Cobra Starship ft. Leighton Meester – Good Girl Gone Bad [mp3]
Drew Seelay – Just That Girl(Another Cinderella Stories OST) [mp3]
Flo Rida – Sugar [mp3]
Jay Sean Feat. Lil Wayne – Down [mp3]
Katy Perry – Thinking Of You [mp3]
Katy Perry – Waking Up In Vegas [mp3]
Kesha – Tik Tok [mp3]
Lady Gaga – Eh Eh Nothing Else [mp3]
Lady Gaga – Paparazzi [mp3]
Miley Cyrus – Party In The USA [mp3]
The All American Rejects – I Wanna [mp3]

maybe I should make other page for the ringtone since i’m already compiled them in one folder n I hav to many of them..but I do not post ringtones..let’s other do that..just song..

ehh..I hear somebody say thank you it??haha..ok a simple thank made my day lol!!comment me back!!

pic credit to DongwoonBiased

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    khairah>hehe.will upload it!

    k-ra>after love?owh!ok2.will upload it later.cuz the song r in my desktop.not in my lappy.(n da desktop r at home.aaiisshhh)

    jessica>2PM new album r in progess of uploading!hehehe…fx n gummy already upload.just waiting to post it.keke.davichi??which new song??

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    renee – have uploaded it!tq for the request!=)
    Josephine – just added da link!=)tq for da request!
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  314. […] All new Song are been update and link to the Song Download Here! page only here>>Song Download Here!! […]

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  326. dan_deli_one>the link have been fixed..Tank U!=)

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  328. SNSD – Gee (Ballad English ver.) [mp3]
    SNSD – Gee Remix (090215 Inkigayo) [mp3]

    links broken.

  329. SS501 Triple S – I Am [mp3]

  330. T-ara – Skyground Starground [mp3] >from TWENTYth Urban Album
    can’t click.

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    your website is the best one.

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    But one thing, uhm, the links for 4 Minute’s Hot Issue isn’t working. Am I the only one who thinks so? :O

    Thanks for the uploads again.

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