Wanna Be Linked??


just for concern..

if anyone want to be linked here in my blogs..

just comment me back with your page link n banner link(If you have one) If you don’t have just gave me your blogs name..ok then guys!!

yeah..I almost forget..

my link..I will link you back if you link mine..hehe..

here for the banner


here is for the banner link!!


n my link..


n I alomst forgot..my email..if you want ot pass up something good..or anything..yeah somebody ask for it..so here it is


so start giving me some!!

72 Responses to “Wanna Be Linked??”

  1. hey, I didn’t know whether you received my reply or not so even if you did here it is (regarding your linking and etc) =] :

    “Sure, no prob. Would you be willing to do the same? From the look of your blog, it seems like you’ve been doing this stuff for a while. I’m really new to blogging, but I would love it if I could slowly achieve my goal of sharing lots of different nations’ POP and bringing it into mainstream American media.

    How did happen to run across my blog? And how have you been doing these past few days with Shinee on a break? lol”

    so let me know~ and I was wondering, where are your links located on your page anyway? I see where it says “MY LINKS!!” above the flashing pics of dubu, but I don’t see any.


  2. i have added you to my blog,below are my blog url and name,thanks

    * Name: David&Kacey (K-pop Generation)
    * Artist that site supports: SNSD,SUPER JUNIOR,DBSK,KARA
    * Site link: snsdmas.blogspot.com
    * Image link: http://picasion.com/pic7/d5cd500a37290216cf0482ef19b1475f.gif

  3. owh..kacey!!
    your link have been added!!

  4. * Name: DBSK-Cassiopeia!!
    * Artist that site supports: DBSK
    * Site link: http://pinkrazy.wordpress.com
    * Image link: http://i648.photobucket.com/albums/uu204/luvluvdbsk/banner.gif

    i already added ur banner on my site..

  5. added pinkcrazy!!

  6. Hi,I have linked you,hope that you can link me too…Url is

  7. please got to my site to copy the banner,thanks!

  8. OK!!added!!

  9. please add me too…

    * Name: superjunior13sujulurve
    * Artist that site supports: super junior
    * Site link: http://superjunior13lurve.wordpress.com

  10. added!!..superjunior13sujulurve
    but don’t u have banner??..

  11. hey qeaa added me ! but can i ask you, are you indonesian ?

    site link : http://koreanwithajenk.wordpress.com
    banner 1 : http://i662.photobucket.com/albums/uu345/ajenkjinki/BANNER1.gif
    banner 2 : http://i662.photobucket.com/albums/uu345/ajenkjinki/BANNER2.gif
    banner 3 : http://i662.photobucket.com/albums/uu345/ajenkjinki/BANNER3.gif

    thx a lot ~ i already put your banner to my blog

  12. ajenk 진기 !!added!!u’re blog r awesome too!!
    no i’m not indonesian..u can check my About me page..
    i’m from malaysia lorgh!!
    we’re neighbour!!

  13. Hi Qea …
    Added me plizZz ^^
    I already put your banner in my blog
    Thx u ^^

  14. ok Chacha!!added!!

  15. hallo qeagrumpygirl.
    blognya bagus.
    boleh saya bertukaran link dengan anda……
    ini banner saya……

    <a href="http://lerry060183.wordpress.com/&quot; target="_blank"><img src="http://lerry060183.files.wordpress.com/2009/07/flying_bird.gif&quot; border="0" alt="lerry"></a>

    silakan di cek !

    banner anda sudah di pasang di blog saya. terimakasih.

  16. Hallo Qeagrumpygirl ,

    Added me plizzz

    I already put your banner in my blog, please check in my blog..

    this my banner:

  17. hi
    I like your blog and i see that you really work hard ^^ good luck 4 you
    ok I was hoping if we can switch our banner
    I already add your banner on my blog^^

    my blog>>

    my banner>>

  18. hello
    i wanna be linked too ^_^

    my blog\

    my banner\

    thaaanks and Ur already added on my blog ^_*

  19. hi
    i wanna link here too ^_^ .. I send to your email thats you write up there..wait 4 ur reply

  20. Great post! I’ll subscribe right now wth my feedreader software!

  21. The best information i have found exactly here. Keep going Thank you

  22. Hello,
    Didnt know there so much blogger here interested in K-Pop,
    im Arms, im new in blogging and just doing it for fun.
    Can you link me?, i emphasize on video and popular k-pop music.
    my link http://armsmusicbox.blogspot.com/
    dont have a banner yet, can i get back to you on that one?
    Im from Malaysia btw

  23. hi again just learned a minute ago how to make a gif image and here’s my temporary banner(i planned to make a better one soon)

    and my link is http://armsmusicbox.blogspot.com/


  24. ok Armseeker,Added yours!!
    owh almost forgot..cold winter also..added!!sorry for the late reply

  25. awesomee!!
    but hey.. its kinda big huh.. do you mind changing the banner to this one http://picasion.com/pic12/f2f60fc82eaa488091996180d1cd26d9.gif its much better i promise you.
    im gonna learn lots in these couple of weeks.

  26. lol..armseeker!!better than before!!
    keep on learning OK??!!

  27. Hi hello!
    I linked your blog already cause its really awesome.haha.do mind linking my blogshop?Im just abit short of traffic:/

    my site:www.loudkimchi.wordpress.com
    I don’t have a banner thingy yet.(though yours is really cute i took a second flail first).If I have one i’ll post it to you kkay.

    Im selling Taemin’s Rubix cube necklace!check that out kay!
    thnks alot!

  28. * Name: sydney / vicky
    * Artist that site supports: all kpop
    * Site link: bbprods.webs.com
    * Image link: http://i27.tinypic.com/2zoycgk.jpg

  29. loudkimchi n bbprods added!!

  30. hey, i would like to be linked too..=D
    Site link: http://pinkxlotus22.wordpress.com/
    Image link: http://i70.photobucket.com/albums/i102/chinky_eyes93/wp_logo.gif
    thanks, i’ll be adding you too. =]

  31. qeaaaa~ im sorry disturbing you before. but can you change my banner (korean highlight) with this one : http://i27.tinypic.com/2dkmnia.jpg ? thanks before. keep on work !

  32. hi Qeaa..
    Please change my banner too..
    My blog is ‘DBSK-Cassiopeia!!’
    This is the banner url..

    tengkyuu soo much!

  33. pinkxlotus added your link!!
    ajenk n pinkrazy have exchange the banner link!!;)

  34. hyyyy Qea..

    i wanna be Linked too… ^^

    * Site link: raa-tsubasaa.blogspot.com
    * Image link: http://i948.photobucket.com/albums/ad330/raa_cassie/anigif-1.gif

    and ur Link added in my bLog

    thx b4


  35. hyyyy… Qea

    i wanna change my Link

    *site urL: raa-tsubasa.bLogspot.com

    *image urL: http://i948.photobucket.com/albums/ad330/raa_cassie/raaLop.gif

    thx 🙂

  36. hello!

    i want to be linked too 😀

    site name: IBP ♥ anime, manga, & asian gossips!
    site url: http://inkblottedpaper.info

    err… i don’t have a banner. i hope that would do. i already added your link 😀

  37. Link us up please! We’re new :]

  38. name : ffindo
    url : http://ffindo.wordpress.com
    baner : http://i35.tinypic.com/34rhszl.jpg

  39. janelle,(≧Д≦)ノ n enny!
    added y’ll link!!

  40. hey there..im just starting my new blog and i wonder if you could help link me..hehe..im sellin boys over flowers merchandise n i’ve got kpop downloads as well as korean osts also..my link is http://thosekkotminams.blogspot.com/ thank you for the songs as well..pls do link me and yeah..i’ve linked ya.. ~thanks

  41. im starting a new blog so pls link me.. the link is http://thosekkotminams.blogspot.com/ ~thank you..

  42. hangulhawts.could u tell me your site name please??or any banner.
    I can’t write ure site name so I just put the named as Those.Kkot.Minams , is it ok??
    btw thanks for link me back.

  43. hye qea,im malaysian 2,
    i wanna be link 2 🙂 hope u dont mind..
    my site just simple..im upload kdrama iris coz this my favourite drama n anything interesting

    here my blog:
    my banner link

    thanks qea..

  44. hahaha qea..sorry..will send to u the small banner asap..thnks

  45. i think this small…u try first k..

    hope this will fit to ur blog

  46. Hi(:
    please link us up(: Thank you, we will link you back too.

  47. kamal n 3ndlessmelody added!

  48. Hi, I wanna exchange link with u 🙂
    I’ll add you first, then don’t forget to add me 😀

    URL Site : http://luv-asian-music.blogspot.com
    Site Name : Luv Asian Music
    I didn’t have banner 🙂


  49. Hey, I’ve got my banner 🙂

    Thx a lot!! 😀

  50. hey, i wanna be linked too! haha 😀

  51. site url : http://enjoying-her-insanity.blogspot.com


  52. hi, let’s exchange link 🙂

    URL Site : http://asianlyric.wordpress.com
    Site Name : ☆ Asian Lyric ☆
    Banner URL : http://img34.imageshack.us/i/ cooltext444787624.gif/

    Thx 😀

  53. i add ur link in my blog
    i send mine later

  54. my blog http://iluv2pm.blogspot.com/

    my banner http://makeagif.com/i/w0iqAz

  55. kolour,asianlyric and dear syazua!
    added u guys!

  56. i ald change the banner
    try using this link

  57. Обойные работы

  58. let’s exchange link..
    my blog url : http://freaky-shawol.blogspot.com/
    my banner : http://i844.photobucket.com/albums/ab1/summernightmare03/th_thfreaky.png

  59. Cute Pixie!yr link added!=)
    kolour>hav change to the new banner!but it’s a bit big for my blogroll.is it ok?

  60. heyy can i exchange link with you??

    my image link http://i578.photobucket.com/albums/ss222/azurragirl29/SHE.gif

    my blog http://shawolindonesia.wordpress.com

    i already added you… thanks 😀

  61. eh mian i change my banner~~~

    image : http://i578.photobucket.com/albums/ss222/azurragirl29/newbanner.gif

    blog : http://shawolindonesia.wordpress.com

    thanks 😀

  62. Hi, I want you to link a site.

    Name: A’Dora City
    Link: adora-city.com/forums
    Icon: http://i46.tinypic.com/20ivyvn.jpg (please upload on your own server, thanks!)

    We’ve already linked you, which can be found on our affiliates page. ^-^

  63. Hey qea,
    Care to link?

    Name: Korean Torrentz / K-torrentz
    Link: http://shinkishin.wordpress.com/
    Banner (either one that fits in your sidebar)

    Thank you! I already got your banner in my blog

  64. hello!

    i want to exchange links. 🙂

    link: http://phinkness.info
    website name: Soshi Sushi

    thanks 🙂 and i already linked you

  65. hey there.
    i’d like to have a link of you in my blog.
    i’m planning to create a section there for links related to k-pop.
    would you prefer the banner or just the link posted? 🙂

    oh and anyways here’s mine..
    blog name: musicnuts
    link: http://musicnuts.tumblr.com
    i don’t have a banner but you could just post the blog name or description. 🙂

  66. john>well I don’t mind.but I prefer banner more..=)..btw tq for the link
    shineeisland,momo,shinkishin & soshi sushi..all link has been added!(^-^)!sorry for replying too late

  67. thanks. anyways i already placed your banner. you can see it in the links section of my blog. 🙂

  68. haiiii

  69. this rery niec

  70. hi! i added your blog site, I hope it’s ok. Anyway, I’m just starting my own blog site exclusively for k-pop songs download.

    here’s the link:

    please visit the site anytime! you are very much welcome~ 😀


  71. Blog’s name: 501 Island
    Blog’s URL: http://501island.wordpress.com
    Banner link: http://i54.tinypic.com/kcb11c.jpg
    I already added your’s 🙂 let’s affiliate 🙂

  72. Site name: FFunfiction
    url banner: http://28.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_ljzh33PTAF1qcxvx5o1_250.gif
    Link: http://ffunfiction.wordpress.com

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