B2ST – Lights Go On Again 4th Mini Album Download Link!![MF]


Ok..right now i’m officially a B2UTiEs!!!!!=)


How i’m suppose to hate these 6 boys??how3x?!!they just keep getting me addicting to them!!I know they just finish promoting Mastermind Album and Soom..but this another one just DAEBAK!

well..this is their 4th mini album..even b2uties asking about their full album…FYI..to the b2uties & for the non-b2uties the Mastermind & Lights Go On Again suppose to be their one full-length album..but to keep the song so fresh like drinking orange juice after you brush yr teeth(kidding!=)) and the B2ST themselve decide to split this album to 2 mini album…stop saying you hate it!…cuz I know u love it!!=)….This time their concept is about bling bling thing…ahahaha…seriously..I LOVE THIS ALBUM THE BEST….ok I love MASTERMIND & SOOM too…but this one is just addictive!these boys are soo addictive…I hate them for interrupping my study time!(even I have 1 paper left!)..

did u guys saw the MV teaser??waaahhh…my heart totally melting for Junhyung soft voice!!!!(-__-)damn!!..hyunseung stare just kill me lol!!bias enough!and the magnae hair just spazz hot!He’s go well with blonde but the Arab boy should stay with blacky hair..then he will suites the arab style perfectly..kekekeke!

so..enough with my fangirls review so back to the album..here the link..I know u have been anticipated for it!!=)

BEAST Tracklist: Lights Go On Again(please click the song title to download!)
01 Lights Go On Again
02 Beautiful
03 니가 제일 좋아
04 Lightless
05 I’m sorry
B2ST – Lights Go On Again Full Album[rar]

well…which one should I choose??hhmm…I love all the song but since i’m anticipating their I Like You The Best song since before their debut(u should watch their MTV B2ST documentary ep.5)..they have been recording the song even before they debut…ooohh…I love the song the best..and the song are totally dedicated to the B2uty and B2sty!!

Lights Go On Again

aahhh…totally loving and melting here..waahh..but why3x should the song only be the intro??I should ask this to cube ent. that is like the best song in the album and why is it soo short?? I need to listen to this boys slow song more!!!those voice really goes well with any song!they are just versatile!=)..it’s a slow guitar tune song..but the beginning of the song are totally a JJanG!!both Junhyung rap and Hyunseung kills the song!!!


this are their title track..so thats mean they gonna promote this song!yeah the song really makes me fly lol..=)…I don’t think it sound like V.I.U(their mastermind album)..maybe the beautiful part only..and now i’m wondering why they don’t promoting V.I.U song…cuz ths song just Daebak!!..anyways its a fun catchy beat song..sure u never get tired repeating the song in your Ipod lol!a bit of autotune(shit this autotune!why people keep brought this up?the song are beautiful with a bit adding of the autotune so..watever)


OMG..this is the best!(I don’t how much have I write best words lol!)DAEBAK!=)
the chorus just perfect!less autotune..but still keep the catchy beat..light..light..light..light..light..lesss..woohh!!!wah the catchy beat just the fab ones..and I hear dongwoon got to sing more!!!

I’m Sorry

Another heartbreaking song..I love to listen they sing a song that loving a girls more than heartbreaking about a girls..anyway..if u love their Take Care Of My Girlfriend(Say no) song..this song sound more like it. I think the beat are bit different but the same concept lyric as it.

do you want the lyric for the this 4th mini full album??both romanized & translation??lol!just go here>>B2ST – Lights Go On Again Full Album LYRICS

for kikwang BIAS!=)..ahahahaha..super duper cute!

and this for the cool Lapper(junhyung call himself) BIAS!..Love the lips!=)

Dongwoon Bias!ahh..he’s blonde hair kills me!!faint**

ahh..this is my BIAS!lol!=p

this is for yoseob & Doojoon Bias!should I say JunSeob couple?!ekekeke

if you taking the song link out

Please do commenting


A big ❤ TQ!!

n for more new song please go to Song Download Here pages at the top right of the Site!!

more faster updates there..TQ again!

~ by Qea Heart Kpop on November 9, 2010.

23 Responses to “B2ST – Lights Go On Again 4th Mini Album Download Link!![MF]”

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  2. THANK YOU!!! LOVE IT TOOO !!!<3333

  3. hey thaaaaanks for this!love b2st’s new songs!! >.>



  6. thank you very much for making things convenient for b2uties^^…..
    actually…right now…i’m still spazzing to the max >.<

  7. waaah! thank you 5x! beast daebak:)

  8. MIRA>well I have all those 5 lyrics..both romanized and the translation..will post it up later..after editing lol..will inform u don’t worry!=)

  9. thanks chingu for sharing this .
    ahh loves beast moreee!!!

  10. thank you for uploading this album XD

  11. thanks for letting the album to be downloaded !!! ~~“ 😀

  12. they r so……fantastic!!

  13. thnx!^^ i already download all the other songs accept for lightless~ thnx^^ well,my bias is yoseob and junhyung but i’m starting to love hyunseung,lol..i can see why u love hyunseung^^

  14. hi
    i like your vedio,
    i already dowload your all song.

  15. thx for share ^^

  16. Kamsa Hamida for sharing! Beat is the Best! ^_._^ Love this! ❤

  17. thanks friend.

  18. thank you !!!

  19. thank you !!!!!

  20. thaanks~~
    I absolutely adore beautiful♥
    thanks for all the lovely caps too 😀

  21. whaha.. LOVE IT…bought that album just yesterday and it is so freakin’ expensive.. haha.. OH WELL.. it’s really worth the money..:DDD

  22. your so cool girl … i now started love beast …
    can i be a b2uty …

  23. congrats being a B2ty! haha..
    and thank you for this.. im downloading it.. 🙂

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